Born from the need for a better building wall
The Perfect Concrete Wall Solution process
Comparing Options

Building Envelopes

PCWS meets all desired attributes, incorporating the best features of CIP sandwich walls and pre-cast panels.

Water Control Comparison
Air Control Comparison
Vapor Control Comparison
Thermal Control Comparison
Best Features

CIP Sandwich Walls

The Perfect Concrete Wall Solution panel example
Best Features

Pre-cast Panels

PCWS Combines Sandwich Walls with Pre-Cast Panels

Comparing Options

Insulation Methods

PCWS meets all desired attributes, incorporating the best features of CIP sandwich walls and pre-cast panels.

Interior Insulation example

Internal Insulation

Insulating the inside face of basement walls can conflict with traditional foundation wall vapor control, leading to potential problems such as mold, odor, decay, and corrosion.

External Insulation

Exterior basement insulation presents practical challenges, including protection, waterproofing, insect control, and thermal bridging issues.

Internal & External

Insulating both sides faces similar challenges to internal and external insulation along with the additional expenses of a fire barrier for the interior layer.

Sandwich Insulation

The perfect sandwich wall embeds insulation between two concrete partitions, offering superior protection against moisture, mold, odor, and insects.

Water Control Layer

You can install any finish without penetrating any of the control layers.

Air Control Layer

Continuous verifiable web, sandwiched between two wythes of concrete.

Vapor Control Layer

The PCWS wall allows drying to both the inside and outside through the inner vapor barrier web. The concrete on both sides of the vapor barrier helps slow down vapor flow significantly. With a vapor control performance of 3.2 perms per square foot per inch of concrete, there is no condensation on the interior surface of the wall. This eliminates issues such as mold, odor, decay, and corrosion, creating a comfortable indoor environment.

Thermal Control Layer

During construction, insulation is not exposed or damaged. No need for fire-rated assemblies to protect the insulation, as it is already shielded by concrete. Below-grade walls are protected from insects and have simple waterproofing options. No additional exterior finish materials are required. Thermal bridging for brick veneer is eliminated. The 4″ XPS web provides R-20 insulation and durability, sealed within the concrete for long-lasting protection.

High Quality

High Performance Criteria
Eliminating Errors

Manufacturing panels ensures precise placement of web insulation, shear connectors, and composite horizontal rebar, eliminating field installation errors.

Air Tight

Panel connectors insure air tightness.

Visual Inspection

Placing all panels and vertical reinforcing before shuttering allows for visual inspection of the entire system.

Cracking, Air & Water Protection

Accurate reinforcement placement prevents cracking, while the impervious web provides double protection against air and water leaks.

Quality Assurance

After removing the shuttering, the interior and exterior surfaces of the wall are visually inspected to ensure quality.

No Toxic Fumes

No off-gassing of toxic spray foams, glues, or sealants due to their absence.

Cost Effective

Best Features


Building envelope commissioning is facilitated by the ease of visual inspection, allowing for predictable performance. The utilization of minimal mechanical systems contributes to lower energy consumption. With panels manufactured specifically for each project, waste is minimized. The reuse of shuttering on-site reduces the need for trucking, equipment, metal forms, and materials. Concrete, known for its durability, can be found in buildings that have stood for thousands of years. By implementing a long-lasting and sustainable building envelope, operating costs are reduced, leading to lower life cycle costs. Additionally, demand-controlled ventilation can be employed, resulting in additional savings in HVAC systems.

The Perfect Concrete Wall Solution example

The Prototype

From need, to invention to the Perfect Concrete Wall Solution
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Product Prototype

A peek at our pre-fabricated panels
PCWS sample
PCWS sample
PCWS sample

Whenever you have a product that improves the quality of a building envelope, reduces field labor time, and costs less - that is a disruptor.

Founder, Joseph Racciua