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Manufacturing Partner

I am seeking a company that possesses the following qualities to develop the Perfect Concrete Building Envelope:

  1. Strong presence and expertise in the concrete industry.
  2. State-of-the-art capabilities in composite plastics manufacturing.
  3. Proficiency in producing precast-like shop drawings using advanced CAD/CAM technologies.
  4. Established and reputable brand in the industry.
  5. Active participation in prominent trade shows such as World of Concrete, Precast, ACI, BSC, USGBC, and Fine Home Building Yearly Summit.
  6. Engineering team capable of effectively presenting the benefits and life cycle costing to the USGBC for potential clients.
  7. Willingness and financial capability to fully commit and seize the vast market opportunities, making concrete the leader in building envelope solutions.

Whenever you have a product that improves the quality of a building envelope, reduces field labor time, and costs less - that is a disruptor.

Founder, Joseph Racciua